I Normally Leave Home When It’s Raining

“There’s something calming about strolling outside in mild weather.” I don’t necessarily leave the safe premises of my home that often. Not during weekdays. Only time I would leave the apartment building is during weekends. Mainly to restock on food, visit family, sit and chat with a friend or a small group of like-minded people. … More I Normally Leave Home When It’s Raining

The Faceless Writer

In a world so vast I often wonder where I truly belong. The roses that embedded into my skin never once cross people’s minds on what they truly represent. I was in my mid-twenties when I gotten my first tattoo. A large one that covered the upper right arm. Starting from the top shoulder, and … More The Faceless Writer

A Casual Dinner Between Two Would-Be Novelists

“I want to write this complicated romance novel set in the Delaware coastal area, but I cannot bring myself to write it.” “What’s stopping you?” “My tagline. “Move over Nicholas Sparks – it’s my turn.” “What about Stephen King?” “Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t insult The King! The reason for that is: it’s … More A Casual Dinner Between Two Would-Be Novelists

The Introduction

An excerpt from the introduction page of the short story, Black as Night: All my life I never felt this fatigued. I wouldn’t care less that my final breath come one with the wind so long I be rid of this world. Disappear into the shroud, an endless gloom. I come this far into adulthood … More The Introduction

The Journey Begins

First time blogging on WordPress. Thanks for joining me. Welcome to the official blog created by an article writer and author. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton Envied by a few, looked down upon by others who I had looked to for support, “Once upon a time…” I … More The Journey Begins